Client Videos

Book Trailer -- Children's author Beth Ain got the word out about her awesome Starring Jules (Scholastic) series with this trailer, written and composed, directed, filmed and edited by  

We wrote the lyrics, made the backing track, shot and edited the video for Shmuel's Bar Mitzvah. 

Mom's 60th Birthday -- Client had family send in video from all over the country.  She selected the songs; we put it all together.  

Client wrote the words and sent the videos and pics.  We edited the music track, recorded the singer and produced the montage. 

Rachel Changed the Words -- to a popular song.  We recorded her audio and video simultaneously in the studio.  (This client requested that the video be viewed by women and girls only.  Thanks!)

Shira's Mom Wrote the Words: for Shira's 3rd Birthday Video.  We made the music.  Mom sent the videos and pics, and we produced the video.

Camp Dina campers are happy!

Contact me to see more 

bar mitzvah montages and

 family birthday videos. 


Elana Greenspan is thankful for fruit!


Camp Dina Rules 2015 -- the rules of camp 

are really this fun!

Yiddish pop song by Elana Greenspan, to the tune of Gershwin's "Let's Call the Whole Thing off."  

"I Love Camp Dina" Music Video

Attention campers! Keep those towels

clean and fresh!

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